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Almost everyone visiting this website, wants to become a Great Hacker, but doesn’t know where to start. Do you have the same questions in mind like I used to have when I started learning hacking?

To know the basic idea about hacking MUST READ: WHAT IS HACKING?

How does a Hacker’s journey start?

Every legendary hacker was not born with his skills. The legend developed those skills. It all starts as a normal computer user. That time you were a kid, when mom said, no more chocolates, and kept the box at a height so that we cannot reach. Here there are two kinds of people. The first who say “Now I cannot get those chocolates :(“, while the second kind says “Now how can I get those chocolates?”. The first is a sentence while other is a question, it makes the brain think. One simple solution that kids come up with is bringing a chair. While there are many other solutions like blackmailing older sister about her scandal with boyfriend for those chocolates. There are many innovative ways. And this is just the begining.

Learning hacking is not like cooking magiee noodles (which they claim to get ready in 2 minutes but it still takes 10 minutes). Learning Hacking is more like growing a tree. It takes years to reep the fruit, and yet it keeps growing.

We also provide classroom training as well as online training. For more details, view our course site.

How can HackAndExploit Lab help you in learning hacking?

In our blog, we publish every research about Hacking from our lab as well as some of the latest must know hacking stories. Following our blog while you learn hacking will definately help you.

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